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About Kotova Lozé
Kotova Lozé stands for Kott Family Lodge in Czechoslovakian (our family 'roots').  We bought this place from Arnold Huzinega in 2011 in hopes to make a memorable getaway for hunters/fisherman who enjoy a beautiful country view .  Our lodge has 8 beds and boasts a kitchen for our guests to cook a feast of their liking (with a grill on the patio).   After supper you can relax on the couch and watch TV, lounge around the bar playing cards or simply enjoy the scenery on the patio.   Maybe later in the evening you can sit around the fire.  We want our guests to feel at home.  

 We wanted to share the view and country with hunters and fisherman and we believe our lodge boasts just that.  We want our guests to be comfortable and enjoy their hunting getaway.

Kotova Lozé is family-owned and operated 10 miles west and 2  mile north of Platte, SD. Since we have taken over this homestead, we have been working on getting this place up and running for hunter/fisherman to enjoy.  We hope you will check us out and come see what we have to offer.
Committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable stay.